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What is a "paranormal entertainer"?
Someone who entertains. Paranormally. Well, no, it has more than that. I stage shows with a supernatural edge, performing magic and mind reading demonstrations inspired by the claims of psychics and the paranormal. Be it reading someones thoughts, replicating an image they are thinking of, going into a trance and producing ectoplasm, or levitating objects and communicating with the dead. I also run ghostly themed tours and stage theatrical seances. I'm a mentlaist and magician who presents the work as supernatural and ghostly. I can also cater for those wishing to be entertained by more traditional psychological mentalism if that's your thing.

So, do you do table magic like other magicians?
Yes, absolutely! Like anyone in the realm of magic I'll perform routines up close at the table- but they will be different to your usual card magic. The style is mind reading and thought control, getting into your head instead of making a card appear in your pocket.

Are there any restrictions?
I'm not a children's entertainer and most of what I do I'd recommend for 13 and over. However, I have had younger children attend my shows and as one 11 year old once told her father afterwards, it was the only show she'd attended that she enjoyed. So, although I wouldnt be able to do children's events, as long as your little ones aren't upset with adult language then do let them come along.

Are you only willing to do gigs in Scotland?
I will travel where the work is. If you want my act in Land's End then I'll be there. The further I have to travel will affect the price but I will always find the cheapest travel options- its best to book at least three months in advance so I can secure the cheaper travel.

How much do you charge?
That is not a simple answer- it all depends on numerous factors such as location, type of show, length of show, time of year etc It is impossible to answer here, but I am always open to negotiating and will provide you with a fair quote.

Can you do that trick Dynamo did?
I try not to replicate work by other performers- it's just not cricket! However, the world of magic has a very broad canvas and I'll have something to impress you with.

Are you insured?
Yes. I have at present £2 million of Public Liability Insurence which will raise to £10 million in September.

Are you CRB/ Disclosure checked?
As I don't ever do shows where it is just me and at risk groups with no other people, it isn't something I've ever needed. If you need me to get one I shall, but there will be a charge.

Can you create a bespoke show?
Of course. Get in touch and we'll discuss your needs.


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