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Ash has numerous stage shows in his arsenal, all of which can work in practically any venue - the benefit of being an Edinburgh Fringe veteran. Aside from public performances, all are available for private bookings.

Ash's flagship show has been running for five years, and has been staged at venues across the United Kingdom.

Hydesville. New York. 1848. The young Fox sisters begin communicating with the spirit of a murdered beggar and spiritualism is born.

This interactive look at a history of talking to the dead will feature an array of magical treats including levitating tables, ectoplasm manifestation and spirit communication.

Part magic show, part comedy, part rational inquiry this fun show has regularly packed venues at Edinburgh Fringes.

Ash Pryce promises Ouija Boards, Spirit Slates, Spirit Communication, Stopped Pulses, Spewing ectoplasm ... and more.


Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Gather ye round the travelling caravan, as Snake Oil Salesman Ash Pryce demonstrates the miraculous curative abilities of psychic surgery, taught to your humble trickster by a wise man in the Philippines (or a magicians' tool book, whichever sounds more wondrous). See with amazement the telekinetic forces at work as you learn how to move objects with your mind, psychically manipulate your finest silverware and read the minds of your peers.  Or maybe, it’s all just a trick??

The show will involve demonstrations and explanations of telekinesis tricks, metal bending, psychic surgery and remote viewing as well as look at government funded research into psychic phenomena, and the shoddy protocols that allowed “psychics” to beat the legendary Zener card experiments in the 1930s.

And if that wasn’t enough, interspersed throughout the show will be numerous on stage demonstrations of mentalism to add an extra layer of entertainment to the proceedings.

Warning to those on the front row… there will be blood!


This show is a full two act presentation. can't decide between Psychic Conman and Talk to the Dead? No problems. It features both of the above two shows, reformatted and scripted to work as one full length theatrical presentation. Perfect for filling a theatre, school, college or university. Get everything listed above and learn all the skills on offer and all the tricks of the trade in a filled to the brim tour de force of magic, mind reading, comedy and a little science thrown in for good measure.

Ash's first purely mentalism based show. No debunkings, just 45 minutes of mind reading feats all inspired by the seances and spiritualists of yesteryear. The audience each write down a series of objects, then one chosen at random leads to a full show of levitations, ectoplasm, ESP tests and a reveal that no matter how random you may think your choices, the spirits are in league with Ash so even you can't trust your own mind. Imagine selecting a single card from a full pack, and using the psychics dowsing pendulum that card that only you know is discovered. Or a selection of ghostly images all placed in front of candles in a truly free choice only to have the only dead image there cause the candle to extinguish. Paranormal mentalism at its best.

A skeptically themed comedy panel show. Several rounds, audience participation and your own volunteers as the panelists. With guest participants this show is sure to provide a different performance every time.

None of the above suit you? Ash can also create bespoke mentalism shows for parties, after dinner events or anywhere that an evening of mind reading will fit in.


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