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"A naturally funny guy and won't allow his audience to be bored" "Witty and engageing"- edfringereview.com

"One of the best recieved shows we've put on... I can't recommend [it] highly enough" Lincoln Skeptics

"Ouija boards, flying furniture, demonic possession... what's not to love" - York Skeptics

"Educating his audience while making them laugh" - Leeds Skeptics

"Intelligent, funny, and totally entertaining!" - Cardiff Skeptics

"Has the entire audience laughing" - Bath Skeptics

"His performance demonstrated: Psychic abilities, communication with the dead and an exoplasm; the latter being one of the most disgusting acts I have witnessed in the flesh!" - Lancaster Students Union

"A naturally funny guy... I would highly recommend that you see this show, you won’t be disappointed!" - Durham University Psychology Society

"Hilarious throughout... Anyone who sees his show will be amazed" - Lancaster Student Humanist Society

"Engaging, intense and endlessly funny - An artist not to miss!" - Nottingham Athiest, Secular and Humanist Society

"Like Derren Brown on a sugar rush" - Hayley, audience member

"Left us suitably baffled and excited" - Dalradian, audience member

"I was in high spirits after the show" - Brian, audience member

"Very entertaining" - Anonymous, audience member

"Ash demonstrated his own prowess with card tricks, spoon-bending, and telekinesis
all of which received well-deserved applause" - Beth, audience member

"A fantastic act" - George, audience member


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